What is AKREMA Realty?

AKREMA Realty is Akwa Ibom State’s most popular and trusted real estate platform displaying residential and commercial listings from professional Realtors in Nigeria. It is important to note that AKREMA Realty is not an Agency Website. It is an advertising website that DyNET Technologies created to give Realtors across Nigeria great listing exposure to a local, national and international audience.
The listing content advertised on AKREMA Realty comes from the various Realtors that DyNET Technologies Partners with.

Do Buyers pay any fee to AKREMA Realty?

NO. AKREMA Realty does not charge the Buyers any fee. We will connect the Buyer to the REALTORS® without charges.

Do Sellers pay any fee to AKREMA Realty?
By Default Sellers do not pay to publish their properties. But where the Sellers desire for the property to be viewed on the Home page with pictures, a token fee will be paid to AKREMA to cover the cost of placement.

What do visitors love about AKREMA Realty?

Real estate buyers, sellers and investors like finding trustworthy listings from Akwa Ibom State, that are up to date and presented to them by certified professionals. Visitors like that they can:

  1. Search using their personal criteria.
  2. Share their personal, favourite or compared listings with friends and family.
  3. Find out what they can afford using the mortgage calculator and other financial tools.
  4. Get a sense for the neighbourhood with detailed demographic information for each listing.
  5. Experience transparent handling of a Buy request

Does AKREMA Realty support mobile devices?

Yes, AKREMA Realty can be accessed from any mobile device.

How do I navigate the website?

The top navigation can be used to access commercial or residential sections of the website.You can also search by listing number or location.

How do I search for specific listings?

  1. Enter the location.
  2. Select Rental or House property type to search for the listings you want.
  3. Narrow your search. For more specific property types select the location/area, use the checkboxes to change the search filters.Use as many of the filters as you wish.
  4. Select the SEARCH button

Which browsers are best for accesing listings on the website?

You will get the best experience on this website while using one of the following browsers. Note: This list is subject to change.

  • Chrome 46
  • FireFox 37
  • Safari 8, iPad
  • IE 11

For best experience on mobile phones use Chrome or Firefox apps.

Do you have tools to help me estimate my mortgage?

Yes, our Financial Calculators found on each listing can help you estimate your mortgage, figure out land transfer tax and more.